Here’s a sampling of user feedback: 

After almost forty years in a “training bra,” I have filled a B-cup in only 6 weeks…  —  LL

I started seeing amazing results after only three weeks …. My breast increased in size, were a lot firmer and looked much better. I now feel more confident about my body and I’m a lot happier.  —  LW

I lost about 30 pounds in 6 months and used [ABT] during this time.  My breast size did not change and my breasts do not sag.  I am very pleased with [ABT] and can not live with out it. — MC 

I had to cut back on the amount of [ABT] I was using because I got tired of buying larger bras. —  MR

My girlfriend asked me if I had breast implants. I told her no, that I was using [ABT]. My breast are plumping up and coming out of my bras at the top. — PW 

My PMS breast pain and swelling was so bad that I could not stand to touch my breasts and even the shower hurt. Now after using [ABT] I have no pain. — EA

At the swimming pool I noticed my girlfriend’s breasts were sagging and falling to the side. I was very proud that my breasts were just sitting up. I love [ABT]. —  JW 

My breast used to hurt so badly. I would wake up at night and I couldn’t sleep on my stomach. After using [ABT] for less than three weeks, I have no pain and can sleep on my stomach. — PB 

My breast used to be jiggly, like Jell-O, now they don’t jiggle. — BB 

I noticed the other day when I leaned over that my breasts did not sway or jiggle. My breasts are firmer after using [ABT] for less than two weeks. — KC 

I had to get larger bras; I was coming out of my old ones. — JW

I could tell a difference in the first week I used [ABT]. My breast pain is much better and I can sleep on my stomach now. They look like they are plumping up. — KG

Since using [ABT] I do not have any swelling, tenderness or discomfort. My fibroids are gone and none detected since use. — KE  

Before using [ABT], my breast tissue felt like lumpy cotton. — DC

My breast tissue felt stringy before using [ABT]. — BS

My breasts are larger and more firm and that makes me fill a whole lot better about myself. — KA 

I really, really, really like [ABT]. — SB

Just wanted to say I’ve been using [ABT] for about 3 mths now and wow!!! After 7 children and being a young mother I never though my breast would/could ever look like this again. I am truly happy. If only you all had a tummy tightener cream!! Thanks again! – VT

I love this product the girls are firm and perky, I’m so impressed and in love with my new look, so much that I’m gonna order some more – PM

My friend tried your product and just absolutely loves it! She went from A to C in no time! – JC

I had suffered from monthly breast tenderness. And to be honest I was dreading taking anti-inflammatories each month for the pain. This cream [ABT] did wonders for me. Not only do they feel firm, but they feel great! – BV

Saw your product in a magazine… I suffered from post child/weightloss boobs, and as a personal trainer I have to wear a  sports bra while training and they aren’t flattering on mushy boobs. I  am ordering round 2 of treatment and am completely satisfied as is my  husband. It is nice to have firm/lifted breasts, it definitely is worth the investment…. a great alternative to surgical breast enhancement! – SD