About Us

Lavoisier Health Solutions was founded in 2012 to bring the best health & beauty technology into practice. The underlying purpose of LHS is to be able to support our R&D into cancer and Parkinson’s.

We started this quest with ABT – which was originally developed to help women facing hormonally linked breast discomfort. ABT is currently used by women around the world and has been featured in top health & fitness magazines – please see the link to the review in FitnessRX!

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and  as a small company we have the nimbleness to work closely with our science partners as well as the end-users.

In mid 2015, we adjusted the ABT formula to eliminate the use of parabens and add in moisturizing agents. In the future we look forward to developing more targeted solutions for wrinkles, stretchmarks, and hands (many individuals use ABT for these purposes currently). 

Please write us and tell us about your experiences!


ABT was invented by Michael Allen. Mike has over 45 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry and along the way has been awarded 24 US and International patents for his innovations (including the fat-infusion technology behind ABT). He currently heads up Glycon Pharma, where he works with academic researchers and industry to further Parkinson’s and cancer treatment approaches. We are particularly excited about the potential for our dopamine conjugate that we hope will be applicable to a wide range of conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to depression to weight-loss and more!