Quite honestly,
it came as quite a surprise to us…

Advanced Breast Therapy (ABT), as you can see from the story on the other pages, was developed with a very simple premise in mind: given the importance of subcutaneous fat in the local hormonal balance, if the breast adipose tissue were to be optimally nourished perhaps it could help alleviate some of the discomfort experienced by women with hormonally linked breast issues (ex: PMS-related cyclic mastaglia, lumpy painful breasts, pre/post menopausal issues, etc…).

Our team of academic and pharmaceutical scientists theorized that if we were to combine a set of essential fatty acids along with the right combination of additional agents to facilitate uptake, perhaps we could come up with a topical agent that would enable us to nourish breast tissue on a local basis.

In this regard, ABT exceeded our wildest expectations and the feedback was incredibly & almost uniformly positive.

And something else interesting came across in the feedback – a number of users noticed that their breasts had also increased in firmness and fullness. It also appeared that the degree of firmness/fullness could be furthered even more by more frequent applications of ABT and a number of women began using ABT solely for cosmetic purposes – to increase breast fullness/firmness, rejuvenate breasts (especially post-breast feeding!), increasing breast symmetry (i.e., adding fullness to a smaller breast), keep breast fullness while losing weight, and the like.

Sometimes the law of unintended consequences can really surprise you in very interesting ways!

Lavoisier Health Solutions

Results without risks

So now, women looking to enhance their breasts, making them firmer and fuller and giving them the look and feel they want, have a better, natural solution. Women with sagging breasts can turn back the clock. Women losing weight can hold fat in the “right places”. You get the idea… Safe, effective and easy to use.

And another risk we take away: It comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!