Good Fat?

It’s Not All Bad Fat!

The basic premise is quite simple: a biological system properly nourished is more capable of providing optimal performance. It’s why we feel so much better on a diet of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and “good fats” versus a diet of hot dogs, french fries, and colas.
Theorizing that the proper nourishment of fat tissue would generate positive changes in fatty acid metabolism, which in turn could have a number of positive effects in the overall “balance” of breast tissue, the challenge was to come up with a solution that would achieve the following three simply stated objectives:

  • Safe & effective
  • Natural ingredients
  • Localized effect

In order to do this, the team of academic and pharmaceutical scientists focused on how to best to change the local mix of essential fatty acids via a topical application, utilizing penetrants and carriers in such a way that the resulting composition would be able to transport the nutrients through the skin and into its target.

The result of all this work is the cream known as Advanced Breast Therapy: a topical application balanced mixture of medicinal unsaturated fatty acids that is effective to penetrate epithelial barriers and stimulate changes in fatty acid metabolism in subcutaneous adipose tissues which results in a number of benefits for breasts.

The Importance of Healthy Fat Tissue

The conventional view of adipose tissue was akin to a battery – excess energy (calories) were stored in a manner which could be later used to supply energy needs. This view was prevelent even until fairly recently.

These days, scientists know better.  According to Rexford S. Ahima, an endocrinologist at the University of Pennsylvania, “In the old days, people used to think fat tissue was a passive organ… Now it’s obvious that it makes and secretes more hormones and proteins than probably any other organ. It’s at the center of a very complex system. It coordinates how much we eat, how much energy we burn, how the immune system works, how we reproduce.” (1)

The new view of adipose tissues reinforces a lot of the convential wisdom and observations. People with an overabundance of fat relative to lean body mass have higher incidences of a wide variety of conditions and aliments. Extremely low body fat in women can cause a stoppage of menstrual periods (Amenorrhea) – which maybe able to be treated with synthetic hormone therapy (2).

The new “conventional wisdom” is that adipose tissue is an integral and exceptionally important part of the body’s endocrine system – vital for the maintenance of the delicate body hormonal balances. In fact, Adipocytes also reported to provide a stored source of estrogen in breast tissues with levels of intracellular estrogen changing during the menstralcycle and particularly in menopause, when gonadal contributions to estogen fall off and yet local levels in the breast are not affected on the same scale – meaning local production of estrogen is the key driver of action rather than circulatory levels (4). (Many women who have been through weight fluctuations are keenly aware of the linkage between body fat and hormonal levels – and probably scratching their heads in wonderment that the world of science has only recently caught up to reality!). Adipocytes are are also a major site of fatty acid metabolism, lipogenesis, and production of lipid  mediators that  exert effects on surrounding tissues.

Much more work on this topic is in the works and there are a few theories and even more questions to be answered (including questions on differences between adipose tissue at different locations in the body.

Healthy Breast Adipose Tissue

A lot of the attention on adipose tissue in the human body is geared towards reduction and removal (example: liposuction, diets and diet pills, etc…). Not all fat is created equal and, for women, it is thought that the adipose tissue within the breasts play a particularly vital role within the overall endocrine system. So, ABT was created to nourish this tissue to enable more optimal functioning.

The goal was just that simple. And the result surpassed our wildest expectations – women felt liberated from a pattern of regular discomfort, breasts that felt and looked rejuvenated, increased firmness and fullness, retention of size as overall body fat declined, etc…

But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself and make up your own mind. If it doesn’t work (and we know that not everything will work for everyone) return it for a full refund*. If it does work, let us know about your results! (and tell your friends too)

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(3) USC Health Magazine, Winter 2004
(4) Simpson, ER “Sources of Estrogen and Their Importance”, The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2003, 86 (3-5), pgs 225-230

What are you waiting for?

ABT comes in a very convenient to use tube. Each tube holds 100 grams of ABT.